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    Updated December 2016. www.faceoxy.com is a fast and free proxy server you can use directly to view your Facebook account even if FB is blocked in your region.

    This isn't a proxy list or a trick to get you to pay for a proxy, www.faceoxy.com is a live and fully functional proxy that you can use to keeo in tough with your friends and update your status.

    In terms of reliability our proxy is 100% working every day and night thanks to our network of supporters who chip in an help keep the site online. Because the faceoxy volunteers have been working with proxies and servers for a long time, we've managed to squeeze maximum performance from our proxy server with a minimum budget

    Other sites will charge you to use their proxies but we have been a free site since we started back an incredible 9 years ago!

    Just one word of warning though. We don't use a secure SSL certificate. That means there is a theoretical possibiity that someone could intercept your login and subsequent activities.. In practive the risk of this is so small that you can treat our server for what it is - a fun and compact server you can use with almost 100% Facebook functionality including chats.

    BTW please tell your Facebook friends and colleagues about us so that we can continue to grow and keep this website free for everyone.

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