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    Updated June 2014. Faceoxy.com is a free proxy server website where you can view Facebook directly without installing special software or toolbars. Our proxy is fast because we've managed to use our server expertise to squeeze the most out of our hosting. As well as being quick our proxy is secure and above all it is anonymous. Also because we are under the radaw we aren't blaclisted on any procy blocking lists or blocking software. We've been in business since 2006 and pride ourselves that we have managed to provide a free proxifier that has a 99.99% uptime - which we think is unparalled in this industry.

    A word of warning though. This free server doesn't use an secure, SSL certificate ie it's theoretically possible for a thrid party to intercept your personal information. We don't think this has happened in years but it is a possibility so if you need that high level of security then you should use a paid service.

    Don't forget to tell your Facebook friends and colleagues about us so that we can continue to grow and keep this service free for everyone.

    Contact us using the form below for more details of our paid service!

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